Designer Silver Bracelets

Find the perfect designer silver men's bracelet.
Worldwide inspiration made by hand from artists in the USA. You can sport these men's silver cuffs with jeans and a t-shirt or dress shirt and a blazer.

Step beyond traditional men's fashion with Kale MilesEnhance your style by adding a Sterling silver bracelet to your wardrobe. Kale Miles offers rustic and artisanal designs to complement any outfit. Watches have been at the forefront of men's jewelry for a better part of the last century.

Accessorizing for that Distinct Look

Our mission is to introduce a new way for men and women to accessorize with affordable, high end bracelets that will give you a distinct  look. We believe that sterling silver is the best metal to use when making bracelets. First and foremost, sterling silver just looks awesome. It holds its shine, and it's durable so you can enjoy the look for years to come.  

Unique Sterling Cuff Styles

We offer five different styles, with each piece uniquely crafted to add a special touch to your style. Our bracelets are inspired by textures in nature and each has  it's own story. Our trademark bracelet, Kyoto, is inspired by the other worldly bamboo forests in Kyoto, Japan. The finest bracelet in our collection, Lava, is our largest bracelet and is designed with the inspiration of the molten lava fields in Hawaii. We also offer smaller bracelets such as Nile which is created in mind with the contrast between the Nile river and land. It is a subtle piece for a simple, but elegant look. Our thinnest bracelet, Grove, is inspired by the mangroves in southern Vietnam, for someone looking to enhance their style, with something more subtle. The last bracelet in our sterling silver collection is Dune. Patterns formed in the desert of Peru inspired the design of Dune.

The Kale Miles Pride

All of our bracelets are made with attention to detail. We pride ourselves on our designs and our ability to provide luxurious pieces of jewelry at affordable prices. Bracelets are more versatile than watches so lets change the way men think about jewelry.

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